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(no subject)  
06:49pm 21/08/2010
OMFG. Sometimes I can't help but think that the Man is out to get me.

So I was on my way to work on Thursday, about 6 blocks from my apartment, and noticed a cop behind me. Okay, no big deal. Wasn't doing anything illegal. OR SO I THOUGHT. The cop was behind me for about 3 blocks before the lights went on. What a feeling that is, seein those lights. So I pulled over, trying to figure out what I'd done. The cop told me he'd pulled me over because I had an "obstructed" windshield: meaning I had a 2 inch air freshener hanging from my mirror and I have a crack about 6 inches from the passenger side edge of the windshield. Basically nowhere near my field of vision. So I was relieved, again thinking "no big deal", until the cop runs my license and then tells me that IT ISN'T VALID. He was like "Does "Incomplete Level 2 Education" mean anything to you?"

In fact it does mean a whole hell of a lot to me, I spent 96 hours of my life in Level 2 Education (alcohol class) and I finished it IN MARCH. Apparently the DMV was missing that record (but this was the first I'd heard about it, obviously). The cop told me that he could tow my car and take me to jail. He didn't, and it was probably a combination of the fact that I was completely bewildered when he told me this and the fact that I was a cute young girl on the verge of tears, and thank God for that. I was like "I'm on my way to work..." He told me to do what I had to do but that he wouldn't recommend driving till this was straightened out.

Good thing I just moved 50 miles away from my workplace.

So yeah, I tracked down the paperwork and spent 3 and a half hours at the DMV yesterday, to be told I have to mail in paperwork and ANOTHER $95 reinstatement fee and will probably be without a valid license for weeks. FUCKING AWESOME.
mood: stressedstressed
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(no subject)
11:21am 23/08/2010 (UTC)
OMG, that's ridiculous that they lost your paperwork and you could've gone to jail for their mistake. And you got pulled over for an air freshener, seriously? What a lame cop.
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